We are always accepting partners from all over the world.

We are collecting variety supplies like stationaries, clothes, school bags, dolls, toys, everyday items and sanitary products to donate all the time to the following facilities.
devastated areas, poor neighborhoods, schools, facilities for handicapped people, hospitals, police departments, communities, support groups of disaster, animal shelters
We are always accepting partners from all over the world.

What can be done with disused articles and donated supplies

What can be done with disused articles and donated supplies

Posting articles of our activities and cases for donation

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Donatable supplies ⋅ Reusable supplies

  • clothing

    clothes for adult, child and baby, kimono, hats, caps, belts, shoes, any footwear, etc.

  • stationeries

    pencils, notebook, scissors, pen cases, color pencils, rulers, etc.

  • household

    soaps, hungers, umbrellas, masks, glasses, emergency supplies, security equipment, towels, handkerchiefs, flash lights, etc.

  • dolls

    stuffed animals, dolls, etc.

  • toys

    games, miniature cars, cartoon character merchandise, figures, etc.

  • tableware

    plates, cups, earthenware pots, lacquer boxes, Tupperware's, ice packs, kitchen equipment, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc.

  • bags

    school bags, back packs, bags, sporting bags, wallets, pouches, etc.

  • nursing care,
    baby products

    strollers, maternity items, baby bathes, powder milk, diapers, etc.

  • storage boxes

    plastic cases for clothes, coolers, suitcases, plastic cases, low shelves, etc.

  • knickknacks

    clocks, picture frames, pictures, photo frames, small trays, tools, etc.

  • cosmetics

    cosmetics, samples of cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, watches, etc.

  • sports

    baseball equipment, basketball equipment, various balls from all sports, uniforms of judo, rackets, various uniforms, etc.

  • food

    (must have more than 60days until it's expiration)
    canned food, dry foods,condiments, snacks, instant noodles, etc.

| About donated goods

Supplies we donate are filled with all kinds of memories of people who offered supplies.
We are looking for partners can contribute to the society and the children who need help.

Please read the following link and contact us with details.

Link to make a donation

Donor's messages

  • I'd be glad to have someone to take good care of the doll since I had to let it go.
  • I would be more than happy that it is handed to someone who really need and not for me anymore.
  • I am going to miss these stuffed animals since I was keeping them for a long time. So please take good care of them!!! "Hoping they meet good people!"
  • These are baby clothes that we haven't used since our kids are grown up. Please contribute to babies in the world.
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